Managing employees in Hexfit

As an administrator, you can manage the company and your employees from within Hexfit. Here are a few things you need to know.

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Certain actions are restricted to account administrators*. These include access to the “Administration” section and everything in it.

You will find more information on profiles and access in this article.

⚠️ Note that a company may have more than one administrator.

Manage professional accounts

Add and delete a professional

You can add and delete accounts based on new hires and departures.

You'll find more information in these articles:

New Hexfit user

Here's an article you can send to new employees to teach them a few basics about the software.

Change settings and branch

You can modify your account settings by going to the corresponding section under your name.

But you can also modify all the information for the other professionals included in your company.

In this example, Henri can modify this entire section of Martine's account.

View statistics

You can view several statistics quickly.

  1. Go to account administration.

  2. Go to the “Professionals” tab.

  3. Click on the person for whom you wish to view statistics.

You can then click:

  • On the magnifying glass to see the history.

  • On the people icon to see the customers involved.


For more specific information, you can create customized reports.

Click here to find out more.

View all company customers

Customers are linked to the company, not just to an individual professional. As an administrator, you can consult all the files.

Share a customer

Existing customers

In Hexfit, it is possible for a customer to have several professionals working on his/her file.

In addition to seeing all the company's customers, you can assign customers to your employees.

When creating a new customer

You can assign a customer to one of your employees when creating an account.

General visibility

Hexfit operates on the principle of “Visibility”. This means that registered items can be visible or hidden to anyone other than their creator.

Share a template programs

Administrators can share template programs with colleagues or employees.

They can then use them as they are, or modify them before passing them on to their customers.

Create a group

Only administrators can create and delete customer groups.

Once groups have been created, you can send out announcements or create challenges for your customers.

Further information

As you can change the number of employees in your company, it can be interesting to know the price paid.

Here's where you can see your paid invoices for Hexfit software.

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