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How to delete a professional
How to delete a professional

Here is the procedure to remove a professional from your business

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Remove a professional

  1. Select the “professionals” tab.

  2. Click on “Delete” at the right of his name.

4. When deleting a professional, the software will ask you what you want to do with the clients associated with this employee:

  • Transfer: All the professional's clients will be transferred to the new professional that you will choose.

  • Archive: This action will delete the professional and remove it from the clients' account. Clients will remain with the company. Other active participants will also be able to continue to see them in their accounts.

To find all the company's clients, including those not assigned to a professional, click here.


Once a professional is deleted, an access will be released allowing you to add a new professional. If you do not wish to replace it, contact a Hexpert to adjust your pricing.

Reactivate a professional account

You can reactivate a professional's account after deleting it by contacting a Hexpert. The professional then retrieved all the information he had on his account (notes, programs, etc.).

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