When trying to create a client

When trying to create a professionnal


It is not possible to transfer a Hexfit business account from one company to another. You must therefore create a new account to add the professional.

Delete account

  • If it is an error, write to our Hexperts the name of the person and the email to be deleted.

(Mistake example: A client who created a free trial for a business account.)

  • If it is an active professional account, the owner of the account must write to us in order to proceed with its deletion.

Alternative email

  • In order to keep all accounts active, you can create the professional under a different email address.

  • If you want to use the same email, this account will be deleted.

Further information

  • For the procedure to add a professional to your business, click here.

  • To add a colleague or another user to a client file, click here.

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