1. Go to administration;

  2. Choose the "Professional" tab;

  3. Click on "+ Create" at the top right of the list;

  4. You can then create the desired profile.

❗ * Make sure you have enough access to create a new professional in your business.

Profiles and access

To learn more about profiles and access, click here.

To modify the profile of an employee already created, click here.

Choose modules for the professional

When creating a professional, you must determine which module (s) he can use with his clients. Each module corresponds to a group of functionalities available in the software.

  • "Goal tracking" corresponds to customer tracking functionalities (Notes to file, documents, report creation, connection to smartwatches and more);

  • "Exercise prescription module" corresponds to the program creation functionalities;

  • "Nutrition module" offers functionalities specific to food plans.


Branches can be created to separate divisions, centers, or locations of your business.

When you have more than one branch at your business, you can choose which branches the new employee will work for. To change an employee's branch, simply ask a Hexpert through the tooltip.

Hexfit Packages

To find out more about our different packages, you can go to the following link or ask one of our Hexperts.

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