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Here is the description of the different profiles and the access they provide in Hexfit.

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To add colleagues or employees to your account, you need access. The number depends on what you chose at the time of your subscription, although it is always possible to change afterwards.

Note that to take advantage of certain features, an account with the same company must be used.

To find out more or to add/remove access, speak with a Hexpert.

Profiles: Description

Hexfit uses a profile system that defines the authorization level for each user on the account.

Profiles in summary

  • Super Administrator: No limit to their permissions. They can access the files of all clients and employees of the company.

    (including the other Super Administrators).

  • Branch administrator: He has the same authorizations as the Super Administrator, but only for the branch(s) where he is assigned.

  • Manager: He can manage all the clients of his branch and create groups.

  • Employee: Can access all client files in which he is an active participant. He can also create clients.

  • Read only:

    • Can only see the information of the files in which he is active worker (cannot modify anything).

      • Here's what he has access to:

        • Overview of Interventions

        • "Information" tab (data)

        • Objectives

        • Activities

        • Stakeholders

        • Cloud Storage

        • Plans

    • Can communicate with other stakeholders in his clients' files.

    • These accounts are free and you can create unlimited accounts without even asking a Hexpert.

❗ It is possible to modify the rights of certain profiles for your company. Ask a Hexpert going through the chat bubble for more information.

Modify profiles and access

To find out how to make changes to your employees' accounts, click here.

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