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How to create a new client
How to create a new client

The professional must create the account for his clients. He must also ask clients to become a stakeholder in an existing account.

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Please note

Only professionals can create their clients' accounts. You will find the procedure here.

Add clients

  1. Click on the "Contacts" tab.

  2. Click on "+ Create" at the top right of the page.

  3. You can then enter the email address of this client, then his first name and last name.

❗ *** Once the account is created, an email will be sent to the customer inviting them to access their Hexfit account.


To log into their account, Hexfit users must use an email. Each account (client or professional) must be linked to a separate email.

Email already used for a Hexfit user

If you get this message: "Email already in use for a Hexfit user", click here to see the procedure.

Professional account

If you get this message, it's usually because your client has created an account as a professional or has had one in the past.

Click here to see what to do if you get this message.

My client does not have an email address

If your client does not have an email address, click on "My client does not have an email address". In this case, the client will not be able to access his account.

You can always add an email address after creating the account. Click here to find out more.

Attribute to another professionnal

Finally, if you have an administrator profile, when creating a client, you can assign it to another professionnal from the same business and choose which branch it is associated with.

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