Apply to become a practitioner in the file of a client who already has a Hexfit account

  1. Create a new customer;

  2. You will get this message: "This email is already in use for a Hexfit user";

You will then have two choices:

  • "Send an access request to my client";

  • "Send a request + Create a temporary account".

3. In both cases, your customer will receive an email in which they will simply have to click on "I accept". (see image below)

Confirmation email not received by customer

  1. Ask your customer to check their junk mail (SPAM);

  2. Check that you have correctly written his email address when creating the account;

  3. If the customer still doesn't receive anything, ask them to write us an email so we can add it manually.

  • "I would like to authorize (the name of the professional) to become a participant in my client account.".

  • The address is: [email protected]

Merge customer accounts

If you've created a temporary account, click here to learn more about merging clients.

Further information

If you get a message stating that the email is being used by a professional, click here.

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