Unable to access account from the app

If the customer has already logged in, but can no longer log into his account on the mobile application and he gets the error message: "Invalid User / password".

  • This means that there is an error in the username or in the password.

Possible solutions

As a customer

  1. You just need to correct the error in the username or password to access the account.

  2. The customer can also click on "Forgot password". He will then receive an email to change his password.

⚠️ Attention! Emails are often sent to their SPAM mailbox.

As a professional

  1. Make sure the email entered is the one linked to the account. You can see which email is associated with the account by going to the client's information.

  2. Make sure the email is in the "main email" section.

  3. Click here to find out more.

Still unable to connect

If after trying the procedure described above your client still says they cannot connect:

  1. Communicate with us via the chat bubble;


2. Ask your client to write to us at [email protected].

Account disabled

If this error message appears, the customer can write to a Hexpert at this address: [email protected]

Further information

  • To learn how to edit a customer's information, click here.

  • Error message: "email already used by a Hexfit user", click here.

  • To resend the welcome email to the customer, click here.

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