Resend invitation to my client

If your client does not receive your invitation to become a worker in their file, you can send them again:

  1. Click on "Actions" that appear at the top right of the client's profile photo;
  2. Click on "Resend invitation".

Email not received

The customer must check in his unwanted emails (SPAM);

  • Check that you have correctly written his email address when creating the account;
  • Check that the address entered is the one the customer is using.

Email is not in the spam folder

  • If the customer still doesn't receive anything, ask them to write us an email so we can add it manually.
  • "I would like to authorize (the name of the professional) to become a stakeholder in my client account.".
  • The address is: [email protected]

Further information

  • If your customer cannot log into their account, click here.
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