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Resend the invitation to my client
Resend the invitation to my client

When you create a client account, and he doesn't receive the welcome email, you can resend it.

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Creation of a client account

If when creating your client's account, you did not provide an email address, you will always have the option to add it later.

⚠️ In this case, if you enter the email afterward, the sending of the welcome email will not be automatic. You will then have to resend the invitation to him so that he can initialize his password.

Resend the invitation to my client

  1. Click on “Actions”.

  2. Then on “Resend invitation”.

Email not received

  1. The client must check in his SPAM.

  2. Make sure you typed their email address correctly.

  3. Check that the address entered is the one the client is using.

Disabled button

If the “Resend invitation” option is inaccessible, simply refresh your page.

Windows: CTRL+F5

Mac: Command (⌘) + R

Warning message

If you get this warning message, your client has already activated his account. He can therefore proceed to the steps described below (download the app and reset his password).

The email is not in spam and the address is correctly registered

The client can download the mobile application from the site corresponding to his type of telephone:

He can then use the email linked to his account and choose the option “forgot your password?” to initialize it.

The client can also write to us at [email protected] to reach our technical support team if needed.

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