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How to merge clients
How to merge clients

When you have multiple accounts for the same customer, you can merge them to remove duplicates.

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In steps

❗ Attention. The merge of two accounts is irreversible.

  1. Click on "Contacts".

  2. Choose one of the client's accounts to merge.

  3. Click on "actions" to the left of your name.

  4. Select the "merge" option.

  5. Click "Search" and enter the first few letters of the name of the person to merge with the current client. Select the good one from the list.

  6. Click on "merge" again.

  7. A confirmation message will be displayed. Click on "confirm".


⚠️ The email in the "main" location is the one that allows the clients to connect to his account. Make sure it's the correct one there.

Error message

If you get this message, the two clients you are trying to merge have a "Main" email address. You will just need to delete one for the merge to work.

⚠️ *** If you delete both emails, the client will lose access to their account. However, you can put it back later.

Account disabled

If your client gets an error message saying their account is disabled, contact a Hexpert through the chat to correct the situation.

Further information

To learn how to modify customer information (email, phone, date of birth, address), click here.

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