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Client 2.0 - How to regain access to your account
Client 2.0 - How to regain access to your account

Here is how you can request to reset your password.

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In steps:

  1. On the application login screen, click on “Forgot password?”.

  2. Enter the email associated with the account.

  3. Click on "Request a password".

  4. Check your mailbox to find the message from Hexfit.

  5. Click "Reset" in the email.

  6. The link will take you to a site where you can change your password and confirm it (enter your password twice).

  7. If the "Reset" button does not work, you can always copy the address located just below (in blue) in the URL bar of your browser to go to the same place.

If you can't find the email, check:

  • That the email entered is the one linked to your Hexfit account.

  • That it is well written when recovering the password (Caps lock, Num lock, etc.)

  • Check your SPAM box.

If you still don't get the email:

  • Write to a Hexpert at [email protected] from the email linked to your account. We can then send you a temporary password.

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