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Why can't I access my account?
Why can't I access my account?

As a professional, you cannot connect to Hexfit

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Here are some possible solutions to help you regain access to your account

Moving screen

If your screen moves when you log in, you have entered the wrong information.

  • Check your password and username (email):

    • Make sure you have entered the email linked to your professional account.

    • Make sure you enter the correct password (with upper and lower case letters in the correct places).

    • Make sure that "Caps Lock" is not in operation.

    • Make sure that "Num Lock" is on if you are using numbers.

If you cannot log in, click on "forgot your password ?" to reset it.

  • Make sure to enter the email address linked to your business account.

Access only to customer account

  1. You have connected to the email address which is linked to your customer account.

  2. You have logged into the mobile app. The latter is designed for customers. you will therefore not have access to all of the professional's tools. To be able to work on computer, tablet or laptop, connect to the site via a web browser (Google Chrome ideally).

Professionnal Account

Client Account

Account Disabled

It is possible that your account has been deactivated for certain reasons:

  • Your free trial has ended.

  • You are in arrears with your payment.

  • Student account: Your session is over.

  • You should have received a warning before this was done.

The best is then to contact a Hexpert.

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