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Who can I share a client's file with?
Who can I share a client's file with?

The interprofessional aspect of Hexfit allows you to share a client's file with colleagues! From the same company, or not!

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Several people can work on the same customer's file. They can be employees of your company (colleagues), or Hexfit users who are outside your company, i.e., who have an independent account (external professionals).

What can they see? 👀

The visibility of the elements present in a client's file depend on the level of visibility granted to them. To learn more, click here.


  1. Go to the “contact” tab.

  2. Choose the desired client.

  3. Go to the “Stakeholder” tab, on the top right.

  4. Click on:

    1. Add a colleague


    2. Add an external professional”.

A - “Add a colleague” from your company

  • Enter the first letters of the name of the person to add.

  • When the full name appears, just click on it.

  • Click on add.

  • ⚠️ The selected person will automatically become a stakeholder in the case. No action is required on his or her part.

💡 If you have many clients to add to a participant in your company, we recommend using this approach instead.

B - “Add an external professional”

  • Enter the person email's and check the box after reading the warning.

  • The professional to whom you have sent the invitation will receive an e-mail.

  • They will have to approve the invitation from the notification they receive in their dashboard.

⚠️ Notifications are listed in chronological order (oldest to newest). Be sure to archive unnecessary notifications to help you find the one you're looking for more easily.

Join a customer file

As administrator, you have access to the company's clients. To view them, select the “All clients” filter.

Once you've chosen a customer, you can simply “+ Join” their file.

Archive or delete a stakeholder

To learn more about how to archive or delete stakeholder, click here.

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