Several stakeholders can work on a client's file. The stakeholders can be employees of your company (Colleagues), they can also be Hexfit users outside your company (External professional).

What can they see?

The visibility of the elements present in a client's file depend on the level of visibility granted to them. To learn more, click here.


  1. Go to the "customers" tab or to the "group" tab;

  2. Choose the desired client or group;

  3. Go to the "Speakers" tab;

  4. Click on the "+" at the bottom right;

  5. Choose whether it is an external speaker (only available for a single client) or a colleague (client and group).

Add a colleague from your company

  1. Enter the first letters of the name of the person to add;

  2. When the full name appears, just click on it;

  3. Click on add.

Add an external professional

  1. Enter person to add email's and check the box after reading the warning;

  2. The person will then receive an email telling him that he is invited to be one of the interveners in a client's file and will be able to determine his password;

  3. The professional will be able to find the client in question in his client list once logged into his account.

Archive or delete a stakeholder

To learn more about how to archive or delete stakeholder, click here.

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