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Transfer professional account information
Transfer professional account information

Business accounts are linked to the company in which they were created. It is still possible to transfer certain information.

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Transfer business account information

Business accounts cannot be transferred or merged into another company. They are therefore linked to the company in which they were created.

However, it is still possible to transfer clients from one professional to another. In doing so, all information related to it will follow:

  • Professional notes;

  • training programs;

  • Food plans;

  • Files;

  • etc

In steps

1- Transfer of information

It is recommended that you use a client account that belongs to you and that you include all the elements that you wish to transfer to your new professional account.

(Assign him all your programs and your food plans to transfer, etc.)

⚠️ Make sure the item visibility includes “Everybody”, otherwise you may not be able to access it from the other account.

2- Transfer customers to your new account

It is possible to invite another professional (inside or outside your company) to act as a stakeholder in the client.

In this case, it is an external professional.

3- Retrieving information from the other account

Once you access the client from your second business account, you will be able to access the information.

For training programs and food plans, you will be able to clone them from the “plans” tab.

They will then be accessible from your “Exercise” or “Nutrition” section, depending on the type of plan.

Further information

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