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Creating a Food Plan - Step 1: Information
Creating a Food Plan - Step 1: Information

At this step, you will be able to choose basic information such as: Title of the plan, recipient, duration, visibility, notes and objectives

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There are three steps to creating a food plan in Hexfit:

  1. Information;

This article will focus on the “information” step of the eating plan.


You can determine the name of the plan at the top left of the page. This will be the name that will also appear on the printed version of the plan.


By clicking on the star, you will be able to mark the plan as a template. Thus, it can easily be found. You can therefore use it as a canvas.

⚠️ Note that model plans cannot have a recipient. You can however make it a clone to assign it to someone.

Calendar mode

The first option is the choice of "On" or "Off" calendar mode. By default, it is in "Disabled" mode, and we recommend keeping it that way. To learn more, click here.


The recipient is the person to whom the program is addressed. You must include a customer or group so that they can see the program through the app.


You must put a start and end date on the plan.

The duration of the program will be important so that the client can see the program in its "activities".

An expired or post-dated program will be invisible to the client, or will be visible only from the start date until the chosen end date.


You will be able to select who can see the eating plan. In order for your client to see it, you need to include it in the choices (+ my client).

You can also decide what level of detail the customer will be able to see in their plan.


These are your professional notes.

Nutritional goals

You can determine the daily nutritional goals associated with your plan.

This way, when designing the plan, you will be able to see graphs that show the progress of the goal in relation to the foods that are added to the plan. To learn more, click here.

See your plan in the activities

It is possible to display a food plan in the "Activities" tab of a client. To do this, the calendar mode must be "activated". You must also have assigned the plan to the desired customer.

To continue to step 2: Design, click here.

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