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Creating a Food Plan - Step 3: Confirmation
Creating a Food Plan - Step 3: Confirmation

From this step, you will be able to publish the plan, download or print a shopping list and the recipes sent to the client.

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There are three steps to creating a food plan in Hexfit:

  1. Confirmation

This article will focus on the “confirmation” stage of the food plan.

Food plan in the Hexfit app

In order for your client to be able to see their food plans in the Hexfit app, these three elements must be respected.

If all the elements are in green, your client will be able to see their plan.

If there is an element in red, he will not see it.

To find their plans in the application, the client must go to the "Activities" tab.

  • If it is a plan linked to a date, it will be in "Agenda".

  • Otherwise, it will be in "All Plans".

Nutrition 🍎 will be indicated to distinguish it from training programs

Shopping list

It is possible to attach a shopping list when creating a PDF document. This can then be sent to your clients or printed.

To do this:

  • Simply click on "download / print".

  • Choose "yes" for the "Grocery list" option.

  • Select the option you want: Download your document in PDF or print.

Attach a recipe to plans

Similar to the shopping list, you can add recipes to your food plans. So select "Yes" in the Recipes option.

Note, however, that only the recipes that you have added to your plan can be downloaded or printed.

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