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Creating a document – Step 2: Document creation
Creating a document – Step 2: Document creation

From this step you will be able to create the document.

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There are three steps to creating a document in Hexfit:

  1. Document creation;

  2. Report (optional).

This article will focus on the “Document creation” step of the document.


When creating a document, you will find a toolbar at the top of the page offering maximum flexibility. Thanks to it, you will be able to:

  • Manage display and formatting;

  • Manage formatting;

  • Add tables;

  • Add images.


To insert items, it is easier to create a table first. The latter can then be modified as in an “Excel” spreadsheet.

To add cells, go to the “Table” tab and choose the desired format.

Quick options in the table

By clicking on any cell in the table, a toolbar will appear at the bottom. Here is a summary of the options.

  1. Table properties: Brings to the advanced options (see text below);

  2. Completely deletes the table you created;

  3. Inserting a row before the one you have chosen;

  4. Inserting a row after the one you have chosen;

  5. Delete the entire row;

  6. Insertion of a column before the one you have chosen;

  7. Inserting a column after the one you have chosen;

  8. Remove the entire column.

Merge cells

In step:

  1. Select the cells you want to merge;

  2. Click the right button of your mouse;

  3. Choose “Cell” and then “Merge Cells”.

⚠️ The contents of the cells will be erased. Do CTRL + Z to undo the action as needed.

⚠️ Advanced options

By clicking on a cell, you will see a menu appear below. If you select the “Table Properties” option, you will be able to choose several advanced options.

You will be able to choose options in two tabs, either “General” or “Advanced”. Among these options, you will find the width and color of the cell, among other things.

This is what the table gives if yellow is chosen as the background color.

Elements that can be inserted into the document

By clicking in the table, you will see “Add” appear on the right. Three types of elements can then be chosen:

The fields

This section allows you to add custom components to the document.

For example:

  • Areas for writing text;

  • Numbers only;

  • Checkbox;

  • Sliders;

  • Drop-Down menu.

❗TIP: Customize the name of a component

Once the element added, customize its name by clicking on the alphanumeric zone. This will be especially useful when creating a report or formula.


This section allows you to add any software data to your document, even those you have created!

Data will be recorded directly in the client's file when the document has been completed.


This section contains drawing boards, as well as a series of physical test protocols that are already built into the software.

TIP: The fields in dark gray are those which will be calculated automatically according to the results entered or which will be inserted when filling out the document using the customer's information.


To continue to step 3: Report, click here.

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