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Challenge creation
Challenge creation

It is possible to create challenges to be carried out by a group of customers. Here is the information you need to know.

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In steps

  1. Click on the “contacts” tab, then select “Groups”.

  2. Take the desired group or create a new one.

  3. Click on “Challenge”.

  4. “+ Create a challenge”.

  5. Enter the necessary information and save the challenge.

Start and end date

Correspond to the dates when the challenge can be fulfilled by the clients and the professional.

❗ It will be visible 5 days before the start date and until it is archived, even if the end date has passed.

Type of challenge

Select what will be most relevant to your challenge:

Completed the data most often:

  • Ex: The one who entered their distance most often.

    • This will tell you who took the most walks or runs during the period.

Highest value:

  • Ex: The one who does the most sit-ups in one minute.

The smallest value:

  • Ex: The one who traveled 10 km in the shortest time.

The one who accumulates the most:

  • Ex: Total distance traveled during the challenge period.

Video link

You can add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video to motivate your clients or explain the challenge to them.

Complete a challenge – By the professional

You can update the data from your clients' account.

Click here for more information.


The client can see their different challenges from the “Progress” section.

He can “insert new value” to fill in the data corresponding to the challenge.

⚠️ Attention, the data can also be filled by a document, by the “+ menu”, “Data” section.

Custom data

You can create your custom data. Here is more information.

Note that in order for the data to be filled in by the client, you must have given him permission.

Further information

This feature is available with certain plans only. Contact a Hexpert to find out more.

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