By selecting a category, only the exercises belonging to it will be displayed.

You can therefore quickly search for exercises using the three available categories:

  • Training;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Partners.

You will then need to choose a sub-category, such as cardio, warm-up, etc.


As for the categories, only the exercises belonging to the selected filter will be displayed. You will be able to choose the muscle to work or the equipment to use for example.

Note that the "Muscles" filter allows you to choose exercises that work "muscle groups" or "isolated" muscles. To choose between the two, slide the selector towards "Multi" or "Iso".

Difficulties during exercise

You can choose the exercises from three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. By default, all levels are selected.

Customize "keywords" to facilitate research

During your research, you may find exercises by keywords. These words were included when creating the exercise, but can also be added later.

Research will develop with use. Indeed, the software will adapt to your research and take into account the exercises that you have chosen most frequently.

Mark as favorites

You can mark exercises as favorites. Thus, they can be found with a single click.

To mark an exercise as favorites, click on the star that appears when you hover over it.

To search among your favorites, click on the star to the right of the search bar. Thus, only your favorite exercises will appear.

Remove filters

To remove all filters with one click, just hit "reset all".

Know the number of exercises of your research

The number is located above the "find" tab.

Further information

If the exercise you are looking for is not in our bank, you can:

  • Ask our partner Physigraphe to create it for you. Click here to find out more;
  • Modify the name of an existing exercise. Click here to find out more.
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