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Take advantage of the exercise bank
Take advantage of the exercise bank

To find your exercises and to give you ideas when creating programs, we have included various tools.

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Exercise bank

You can find the same exercise bank under the “Exercise bank” tab as in the program design stage.

Finding a similar exercise

  1. Hover over an exercise.

  2. Click on the magnifying glass.

  3. You will then have the exercises similar to the one you have chosen.


Thanks to the toolbar, you will be able to select different filters that will help you find the desired exercise among our entire bank.

Advanced filters

With the advanced filters, you will be able to refine your research thanks to 5 elements:

  1. Positions;

  2. Type of movements;

  3. Objectives;

  4. Others (What type of customer base is the desired exercise for);

  5. Difficulty of the exercises.

Other filters

My favourites

  1. Hover over the exercise;

  2. Click on the “Star”.

⚠️ A “filled” star means that the exercise is “Favourites”

An empty star (as in this picture) means the exercise is not one of your Favourites.

Customize “keywords” to facilitate research

During your research, you may find exercises by keywords. These words are included when creating the exercise, but can also be added later.

❗ Put your name or your company name in the keywords to facilitate future searches.

Research will develop with use. Indeed, the software will adapt to your research and take into account the exercises that you have selected most frequently.

Remove filters

To remove all filters with one click, just hit “Reset”.

Know the number of exercises of your research

The number is located above the “find your exercise” tab.

Further information

If the exercise you are looking for is not in our bank, you can:

  • Ask our partner Physigraphe to create it for you. Click here to find out more;

  • Modify the name of an existing exercise. Click here to find out more.

  • Change your display preferences (drawings or humans). Click here.

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