Hexfit allows you to customize the exercises. Here is the procedure to change the image or put a video.

  1. Go to the “Exercise Bank” tab or directly to the program where you want to put a video;
  2. Hover over the exercise to which the video corresponds or create a new exercise at the top right;
  3. In the case of a modification, click on the pencil in the selection to modify the exercise;
  • To put a photo, go to "Color" and choose an "image" file (jpg, jpeg, png).
  • To upload a video, go to “Animation” instead and choose a video file (.MP4 or .GIF).

I only see a blank in the selection screen (no preview)! What to do?

The preview always goes through the color section. So make sure you have put an image in the color section, otherwise in the selection screen you will only see the name of the exercise with a blank instead of the image (even if you have put a video in the animation part).


You should not drag the file, but rather click on “Choose file” and select it from your computer.

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