How to edit an exercise

You can edit exercises available in the software to adapt them to your needs. (Name, image, instructions, difficulty, etc.).

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From the exercise bank

In steps:

  1. Click on the Exercises tab.

  2. Then the "Exercise bank" sub-tab.

  3. Press on the pencil appearing by hovering over the exercise to modify.

  4. Modify the desired information (Name, image, execution instructions, difficulty, etc.).

  5. Click on "Save".

⚠️ Warning: These changes are permanent.

In detail:

  1. Allows you to save information in a language.

    • So that the information is also recorded in another language, it is therefore necessary to put it again after having recorded in the first one.

  2. Title of the exercise.

  3. Difficulty level.

  4. Upload / edit an image or video.

  5. Execution directives.

  6. Keywords (make it easier to find an exercise).

    ⚠️ The system perceives hyphens as the "minus" symbol. It then finds all the exercises with the first word (eg: Squat), but excluding the second (eg: chair). It is therefore preferable to make a single word, such as SquatChaise (instead of Squat-Chair).

Insert a video, YouTube or Vimeo link

To insert a video, you must be in the "Video" section. You can then add:

  • GIF

  • MP4 video (Maximum of 200MB)

  • Insert the URL link to YouTube or Vimeo.

⚠️ In "Autoplay" mode on the app, MP4 files will be started automatically. In the event that the client has several series to do, we recommend instead the use of URL link to YouTube and Vimeo in order to make the use more pleasant.

From the design step of a program

In steps:

  1. Go to the program design stage.

  2. Click on the pencil to modify the prescription for the desired exercise.

  3. Edit the desired information.

  4. Optional: Click on "Save as default title / note".

  5. Click on "Save".

⚠️ Warning: If you save these titles and notes by default, these changes will be applied to the financial year in your bank. Otherwise, the changes will only be for this program and this session.

Further information

  • To add an image or a video in an exercise, click here.

  • To learn how to create a new exercise, click here.

  • To request the addition of an exercise to our partner Physigraphe, click here.

  • To delete an exercise that you have created, click here.

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