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Configure the prescription of an exercise (the basics)
Configure the prescription of an exercise (the basics)
Here you will find different tools and methods to configure the basis of your exercise prescriptions (Builder, Reps, duration, tempo, etc.)
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Setting up an exercise

You must first go to the design stage of your program to set up your exercises.

To learn more about this step, click here.


Exercise prescription

To start or modify an exercise prescription, click on the pencil located in the right section.

❗ The "configure a prescription" button will only be present for new exercises. Then the prescription will be displayed.

Clicking on the pencil will have the same effect as the button.

Exercise name

You can change the title of an exercise to suit your needs.

  • In the example above, the device number has been added in the title to help the client at the training room.


All the exercises which have been created by Physigraphe (the exercises obtained by default and which are added with the updates) come with a description in French and in English. This description can be changed.

Save this title/note as default

By choosing this option, you will save your modifications for the exercise in your personal exercise bank. Thus, each time you select this exercise, the modified note or title will be displayed. The modification therefore becomes permanent.


The configuration can be changed using two builders. We recommend the use of "visual" since it allows greater ease of use.

❗ Note also that this article is based on the "Visual Builder".

Repetitions or duration

By clicking on "Rep", you will be able to select whether you prefer to prescribe a number of repetitions or a duration for your exercise.

So if you want to prescribe an exercise over a period of time (eg isometry), you can select "Duration".

⚠️ Note that this item is only available in "Weight" mode. To find out more, click here.


It is possible to change the configuration to make every week different from each other.


  • Prescribe a progression of loads every week;

  • Change the number of sets or repetitions depending on the week.

To do this, simply click on the padlock.

❗ The number of weeks depends on the number of times chosen for the duration of the program and can be modified in the "Information" section.


Add sets

  • Hover over the sets to see a "+" appear. By clicking on it, the number will increase.

Delete sets

  • Hover over the sets to see an "X" appear (the number must be greater than 1).

  • By clicking on it, the number will decrease.

Make the sets independent of each other

  • Click on the padlock.

  • Once opened, you will be able to modify each of the sets independently of the others. The reverse is also true.


The tempo is the time in seconds during which the movement will be performed.

Explanation of the "universal" tempo: 2-0-2-0

  • The first number represents the eccentric phase.

    • Ex: 2 seconds to lower the bar with the bench press.

  • The second number represents the isometric phase at the bottom of the movement.

    • In this example, no stopping.

  • The third number represents the concentric phase.

    • The 2 corresponds to the time taken to raise the bar.

  • The 4th and last digit represent the isometric phase at the top of the movement.

    • Still no stops in this example.

Further information:

  • The tempo is usually four beats, but sometimes only three are used.

  • To separate the digits, we often use the hyphen ( - ), but the slash ( / ) also works.

  • You can replace a number with an "X" to signify a contraction at maximum speed.


This is the length of time you rest between sets. You can enter a time in the form MM: SS (Minutes: Seconds)

Options offered by the "+"

Thanks to the "+" column, you can add different elements to your prescription. This is where you can add a load.

Note that the items present will be different depending on whether you are in cardio or weight mode. Click here to find out more.


If you wish to prescribe an exercise in which the movements will be done alternately (eg one repetition with the left arm, then another with the right arm), select "Alternate". So the software will take this option into consideration in its calculation.

To learn more about prescribing "alternating" exercises, click here.

Save time by cloning attributes from one exercise to another

  1. Click on the icon represented by two squares (clone attributes) in the exercise you want to share with others.

  2. Click on the other exercises to modify their attributes.

  3. When done, click "Finish Cloning" at the top of the page.

Further information

  • To learn more about "advanced" exercise prescriptions, click here.

  • To learn more about the design stage of the program, click here.

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