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Circuits, intervals, drop sets, pyramids and more.
Circuits, intervals, drop sets, pyramids and more.

Here you'll find various tools and methods for creating more complex programs.

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Creating a circuit in steps

Option 1:

  1. Drag and drop the “Circuit” element in the top right-hand corner of your page to the desired location.

  2. Drag and drop the desired exercises to your circuit.

  3. Enter your exercise prescription (load, number of reps, tempo, etc.).

  4. Configure your circuit prescription as desired.

Option 2:

  1. Insert the desired exercises into your program.

  2. Click on the box to the left of the exercise.

  3. Click on the “Convert to circuit” button.

💡 Tip

A few elements confirm that this is a circuit:

  1. The word circuit appears at the top.

  2. Exercises will change from 1-2-3… to 1A-1B-1C…

  3. An orange line will appear to the left of the exercises in the circuit.

Circuit example

In this example, the client will do this circuit:

  • Treadmill for 2 minutes.

  • Russian Kettlebell Swing, 20 repetitions.

All 4 times (4 laps of the circuit).

💡 Tips

Automatic playback

To ensure fully automatic playback for your clients, the exercises must be in “Duration” format.

If they are in the form of “Reps”, the customer will have to go on to the next one manually when he has completed his series.

Linking exercises (Super sets)

  1. Click on the chain between exercises to create a link between them.

  2. Once the exercise has been linked, the display will change from “1-2-3” to “1A-1B-1C”.

CrossFit style training

(EMOM, AMRAP, For time, etc)

To learn more about how to create this particular type of workout, click on this article.

Bulgarian method

  1. Create a 1st exercise.

  2. Enter the number of sets, reps, and tempo you want.

  3. Click on the gear to add the “Weight” column. Select “%”.

  4. Create the 2nd exercise.

  5. Repeat the same steps as for the first exercise, but with a different percentage.

  6. You can add a “note” column for a special mention.

  7. Link your two exercises with the chain.

Series up to “Muscle failure” / “Max. reps”

  • Click on the three dots.

  • Choose the “Configure in MAX” option.

Pyramid series

  1. Unlock the number of repetitions per series by clicking on the padlock.

  2. Enter the desired number of repetitions for each series.

  3. Add a “Weight” column using the gear and enter a number to guide your customer.

    • Select the measurement system (kg or lb).


  1. Unlock the number of repetitions per set by clicking on the padlock.

  2. Enter the desired number of repetitions for each set.

  3. Add a “Weight” column using the gear and enter a number to guide your customer.

    • Select the measurement system (kg or lb).

Edit exercise configuration

Cardio vs Weight

If you want the exercise to be displayed in “Phases” instead of as a series, you'll need to modify it as a “Cardio exercise”.

“Alternating” exercises

If you need to create an exercise in which the movements will be performed in alternation (e.g., one repetition of the left arm, then another of the right arm), select “Alternate”. This will enable the system to calculate the difference in time required more accurately.


Create intervals

Click on the “Phases” or “Series” padlock.

When the padlock is open, you can make all phases independent and thus create a progression in the session.


  • By clicking on “Actions” ⇾ “Create intervals”, you can repeat cycles.

  • If you want certain weeks of your program to be different, click on the padlock under “Week”. This allows you to change one week or make them all different.

⚠️ To edit the duration of your program (change the number of weeks), you need to exit your session and go to the main program page.

Change interval order

It's possible to change the order of intervals once they've been completed. To do so, simply:

  1. Click on “Create intervals”.

  2. Drag and drop your intervals to the desired positions.

  3. Click on “Finish”.


  1. Choose the “duration” option (if not the default).

  2. Enter the desired duration and intensity.

  3. Enter a rest period.

❗ The Tabata protocol is a sequence of 8X (20 s. @ 100% intensity / 10 s. @ 0% intensity).

But you can use the same principle to create your own intervals with Hexfit.

Add a gap between exercises

  1. Drag and drop a “section” to the desired place in your workout.

  2. Add a title and description if you wish.

  3. Click on the trashcan icon to delete the section.

⚠️ A “section” cannot be linked to other exercises or used in a circuit.

Further information

  • To find out more about the basics of program creation in Hexfit, click here.

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