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Program creation

Here's how to create your own programs with Hexfit's program creator.

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Video summary

Program display

Here you'll find a column called “Keywords”.

You can now enter keywords and find matching programs using the search bar.

Step 1 — Create your program

To quickly create a new program, click on the + to the right of the Exercises tab, then fill in the necessary fields ⇾ program name, customer, start date, duration, etc.

The three stages of program creation.

You'll find all three steps on the same page: Information(1), Design(2) and Confirmation(3).

  • Section 1: Enter basic program information:

    • Duration,

    • Recipient,

    • Visibility,

    • Etc.

💡 This is also where you can enter keywords.

  • Section 2: Sessions:

    • Created sessions will be displayed here.

    • Click on the calendar icon to the right of the session to assign it weekdays.

  • Section 3: Publish your plan.

This is where you can publish, print/download and e-mail your plan.

Designing a session

Add a session

There are three ways to add sessions:

    • Make a copy of an existing session that you can use as is, or modify.

  1. Create a session:

    • That is, create it from scratch.

  2. Assisted creation:

    • Ask artificial intelligence to create a draft session that you can improve.

Session display

Three options are available: 🌟

  1. Collapse all (simplified view)

  2. Open all (full view)

  3. Hybrid (click on the arrow icon to open only certain exercises)

Copy and paste exercise attributes

Several options are available:

  • Copy the attributes of the selected exercise.

  1. Or select all desired drills and click on “Paste” in the top menu.

  2. Use the “Paste” button to transfer them to the selected exercise.

Note that attributes can also be pasted from one session to another. 🌟

Replacing an exercise

It's possible to replace one exercise with another, while retaining its configuration. To do so:

  1. Click on “Replace” button to the right of the exercise to be replaced.

  2. Click on the “Replace” option in the exercise you wish to replace.

See details

By clicking on “Actions”, then on “See details”, you'll have access to a range of information:

  • Exercise description

  • Alternate button

  • Exercise statistics

  • Complete history (even if done in a different program)

⚠️ To see the statistics for the whole session, make sure that everything is saved.

Add a column

To add an element to an exercise, click on the gear.

Create intervals

  1. Click on “Actions” in the desired exercise.

  2. Click on “Create intervals”.


You can drag the circuit element into your program.

🌟 You can also check off the desired exercises and convert them into a circuit.

Once done, you can drag and drop exercises directly into the circuit to add them.

🌟 By clicking on “Circuit”, you can change the title and add a description if you wish.

Cloning and importing exercises

🌟 It's now possible to copy individual exercises or groups of exercises.

  1. Check the exercise(s) you wish to clone, then choose between “Clone it” and “Copy to another workout”.

  • Clone it:

    • The exercises will be added to the bottom of the current session.

  • Copy to another workout:

    • You can go to another session and click on “Paste” to import the exercises there.

Cloning and importing a complete session

Clone a session

  • Allows you to create a new session from an existing one.

Import exercises

  • You could also add all the exercises from another session to the current session.

Circuits, intervals, drop sets, pyramids and more

To find out more about designing advanced programs, click here.


At the bottom of the page, you'll find the option to publish.

As with the old program designer, you'll be able to see whether the program is displayed to the customer or not.

Download/print a program

At the top and bottom of the page, you'll have the option of downloading or printing the program.

To find out more, click here.

Send by e-mail

At the top and bottom of the page, you'll have the option of sending the program by e-mail.

Further information

  • To find out more about advanced program design, click here.

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