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Client 2.0 - Complete their program in the mobile application
Client 2.0 - Complete their program in the mobile application

Thanks to the Hexfit app, you can complete your programs directly in the app. Your professional can then analyze it

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Complete a program in "All plans"

  1. Go to your "Activities" then choose the "All plans" tab.

  2. Select the desired program, then choose between:

    1. "See" (You can start the session later if you wish).


    2. "Start session".

  3. Optional: Modify the week. ***

  4. You can then:

    1. Make it unroll automatically:

      • Click on "Begin session autoplay".

        • This option provides access to the integrated stopwatch for "duration" scheduled exercises and during break periods.

    2. Run the program manually:

      • Click on the exercise to complete.

  5. You will see the detailed prescription written by your professional in pale grey in the corresponding spaces.

  6. Once a series has been completed, check the corresponding box and as soon as all the exercise are completed, click on the green tab "Mark exercise as done".

  7. At the end of your training, click on "End session".

  8. Choose between:

    1. "I did all the exercises" (Will make them all marked as done)


    2. "Confirm without completing remaining exercises". (Those not registered as fact will remain as such).

  9. Note your perception of the effort and address comments to your professional if you wish.

  10. To save your session, click on "Save session notes".

Once the program has been saved, you will be able to see the summary from the "Agenda" tab, on the date of your session. Click here for more information.

*** The application will set by default the week it believes you are in your progress. You can change it as needed by clicking on "week". Depending on how the program was created, there might be a difference between the weeks or not.

Fill in a program using the "Agenda" tab

You can also go through the "Agenda" tab of your Activities if your professional has scheduled specific times to do the workouts.

Future events will be displayed in chronological order.

Click on the desired session. Then, the procedure for filling it will be the same as from the "All plans" tab.

View your past and recorded events

  1. Click on the month / year.

  2. Then choose a day in the past to view items from that date.

  3. To change the month, swipe right (older) or left (newer).

  4. When a point is under a day, there is an activity associated with it.

N.B: The summary of the session is shared between the client and his professional. If one or the other deletes the session, it will disappear for the other as well.


Your professional will obtain a more detailed version of the software, allowing him to do the analysis.

Further information

To learn where you can see your load history, click here.

To see the various help articles for the mobile application, click here.

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