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Client 2.0 – Load history
Client 2.0 – Load history

It is possible to view your exercise history through the mobile application.

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  1. Open the desired session.

  2. Click on “View session” or “Start session”.

  3. Choose the year for which you want to see the history.

  4. Click on “🕓 Exercise history”.

  5. You will be able to see the date of completion, as well as what you have entered (Number of repetitions and load).

❗ If you took personal notes, it's where you're going to find them.

Prescription of exercise

When performing the exercise, you will see what the professional has prescribed.

Items will appear in gray. If you enter something different, it will appear in black.

In this example, the pro did not indicate a load, only a recovery time, a number of repetitions and a tempo.

Further information

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