Food diary

  1. Click on the “contacts” tab and choose the desired one;

  2. Click on the “Activities” tab;

  3. Select the day you want.

❗ When the client has completed his food diary, it will appear in the summary of the day.

If he has not filled anything in, you will get this message:

Go quickly from day to day

In the map, you will be able to see the chosen day thanks to the date displayed in the middle of the page.

To go to the day before or the next day with a single click, all you have to do is click on “Previous day” or “Next day”. It will be quick to find food diaries or any other activity.

Font color

  • The elements in green are those entered or confirmed by the client.

  • The elements in red (striped) are those that were prescribed by the professional, but not confirmed by the client.


When you want to ask your client to fill out a food journal, create a plan. This will make it easier to spot it in the activities.

The food plan are green colored and have an apple icon.


Food diaries filled in by third-party applications like MyFitnessPal can be viewed by the professional from the “Activities” tab in the same way as those filled in using the Hexfit application.

MyFitnessPal - Troubleshooting—Does not display meals (although my client entered them).

Here are some possible solutions:

  1. The synchronization between MyFitnessPal and Hexfit is done at midnight.

    • So, if the plan is filled today, it will show up tomorrow.

  2. Only present and future events will be displayed.

    • Items completed before synchronization between Hexfit and MyFitnessPal will not be displayed.

  3. Priority to Hexfit.

    • When an element is entered manually in Hexfit, it's the one that will be displayed. In other words, MyFitnessPal will not overwrite the food diary.

  4. The connection may not work.

    • MyFitnessPal might have had an outage (or have one in progress).

    • If the sync didn't work or the customer signed in to the wrong account, ask a Hexpert to remove the integration. The customer may attempt to connect MyFitnessPal to Hexfit again.

    • Note also that the connection to MyFitnessPal must be made by email and not by Facebook.

Further information

  • To find out how the customer can enter the information in their food diary, click here.

  • To learn more about “calendar mode”, click here.

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