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Manage data visibility
Manage data visibility

As a professional, you have the possibility to choose which data you want to make visible to your clients.

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The software allows you to choose the data you want to share with your client so that he can consult them directly in his Hexfit client area, on the application and/or computer.

In order to choose the data to share:

  1. Go to your "Administration".

  2. Click on the "Data" section.

  3. Click on the "Manage data visibility" tab.

  4. Use the search bar to find the desired data directly or browse the list.

  5. Activate or deactivate the visibility of the data.

    • Gray, the data is not visible to the client

    • Green the data is visible

* By default, weight and height will always be visible.

Further information:

  • To see how the client can fill in a data from the mobile application, click here.

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