In steps:

Add a session to an existing program

  1. Click on the exercise tab.

  2. Click on the "Actions" button located to the right of the program you wish to modify.

  3. Choose the option "Modify the program".

  4. Click on the "Add a session" button, then choose the "Clone" option.

  5. Choose it or the desired sessions.

  6. Confirm by clicking on "Save".

Creation of a new program

First follow these steps to create your new program.

Once at the design stage, you can follow the previous guidelines starting with step 4.

⚠️ Note that you can also clone an entire program instead of doing it with a single session. To find out more, click here.

Origin of the session to clone

Current program: The session comes from the program in which you are currently.

Template: The session can be cloned from one of your model programs.

Recently Created: It may have been cloned from one of the last programs you designed.

Program or session?

A program contains one or more sessions.

Here is an example of a program containing two sessions:

Program: "Hypertrophy"

  • Session 1: "Upper body".

  • Session 2: "Lower body".

Further information

  • To learn how to copy an entire program, click here.

  • To learn how to clone attributes from one exercise to another, click here.

  • To learn more about template programs, click here.

  • To learn more about the design stage of a program, click here.

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