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Put your sessions in the desired order
Put your sessions in the desired order

When creating a program, you can separate the workouts by sessions. The order of the display is alphanumeric.

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Order of sessions

The sessions created will be found in the program in alphanumeric order. The software will therefore first classify the sessions by number and then by alphabetical order.

To allow you to have the desired order, here is a tip:

Start the name of your sessions with the number 0. Here is an example:

  • "01 Name of the session";

  • "02 name of session 2";

  • "03 name of session 3", etc.

Program VS session?

A program contains one or more sessions.

Here is an example of a program containing two sessions:

Program: "Hypertrophy"

  • Session 1: "Upper body";

  • Session 2: "Lower body".

In customer activities

Customer's activities will be displayed in the order hourly.

In this example, "Bottom of the body" is displayed before "top of the body" since it is expected for 18:00 and the other at 19:00.

⚠️ By default, the sessions are provided at 00:00. It is therefore necessary to choose the desired time to put them in the desired order.

Further information

  • To learn more about how to create a new session, click here.

  • To learn more about how to clone a session, click here.

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