There are three steps to creating a training program in Hexfit:

  1. Information;

  2. Design;

  3. The confirmation.

The current article describes the design stage of the program, i.e. where you will have to put your exercises, choose the number of sessions, and do.

Creating your program


A session corresponds to a "period" of training. A program can contain several sessions.

When you create a new program, there will be one session. By default, it will be named after the program.

Configuration of the session or program (basic)

To add an exercise, click on the "+" on the one you want to add. By default, this exercise will go to the end. You can then drag and drop it to the desired location.

You can link exercises (super-series, circuit) by clicking on the chain between two exercises.

Advanced programs

To learn more about the different types of training that can be created (Tabata, pyramid, super-series, and many more), click here.


Creating an exercise

  • You can create your own exercises or have them added by our partner Physigraphe.

  • To learn how to create a new exercise yourself, click here.

Exercise attributes

  • You can change the attributes of an exercise. For example, you could see a series number or create a duration exercise. To learn more, click here.

  • You can also clone them from one exercise to another. Click here to find out more.

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