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Assign a program to a client
Assign a program to a client

A program assigned to a client will be linked to his account. If the visibility allows it, he can therefore have access to it.

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There are several ways to assign a program to a client. Here are some places where it is possible to do so.

All the details can be found further down the page.

Option 1: Create a new program or clone one via the client's account

  1. Click the “Contacts” tab.

  2. Click on the client to whom you want to assign a plan.

  3. Once in the client's file, click on the “Plans” tab.

  4. Click on “Create a program”.

    1. To create a new program, click on “Create a new program”.

    2. To create a copy of an existing program, click on “Clone” or “Clone + Edit”.

Option 2: Create a new program or choose an already existing one from the “exercises” tab

  1. Click on the “Exercises” tab.

    1. To create a new program:

      • Click on “+ Create a program” to create a new program for a client.

      • Click on “+ Create a model” to create a generic program, without a client.

    2. To clone an existing program:

      • Click on “Actions”, then on “Clone + Assign program to client/group” to create a copy of the program.

  2. Continue to create the program. Click here to find out more.

  3. Publish the program.

💡 Template programs and drafts are not visible to customers.

They must be assigned to the client and have been published in order to be so.

Further information

  • You can also add a group as a recipient. The program will therefore be sent to all clients in this group. To learn more about creating a group, click here.

  • To remove a client's program, you can archive it. Click here to find out more.

  • To make sure your client has access to their program, click here.

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