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Archived programs
Archived programs

A program assigned to a client that becomes obsolete may be archived instead of being deleted.

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What is an "archived" program?

Archived programs are those to which the client no longer has access.

Unlike deleted programs, they still remain visible in the client's file, but only from a professional account, for its stakeholders.


  1. Click on the "Contacts" tab and choose the desired client or group.

  2. Go to the "Plans" tab.

  3. To archive an "active" program, click on "See program".

  4. Select the option "👍Archive program".

  5. Archived programs can be found at the bottom of the page.

Permanent action

Once a program is archived, it cannot be "unarchived".

However, the program can be cloned:

  1. Select "Actions" to the right of the desired program.

  2. Choose "Clone".

Transferred client - New stakeholder

  • If the person who created the program has been archived, you can follow the previous procedure and "archive his program".

  • If the worker is still active in the client's file, the new worker will not be able to "archive the program".

⚠️ A "super administrator" can remove a stakeholder from a client's file if he is part of his business. Thus, the other participants will be able to "archive their program". To learn more, click here.

If it is rather an external party, the client can write to us to authorize us to remove him from his file.

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