What is a group for?

Creating a group of clients is very useful in order to do an action that will impact several clients at the same time. The group can also be used to follow up on several clients at the same time.

Here are some examples :

  • Assign a program to several clients with the same objective;

  • Assign a training session to several people at the same time;

  • Send a document to a group of clients;

  • View reports and compare clients with each other;

  • Create an alert on several people;

  • Assign a food plan to several clients;

  • Send a message to your customers.

Group confidentiality

Groups are always confidential. Members of a group do not see who the other members of that group are.

Further information

  • To add a professional as a stakeholder in a group, click here.

  • To send a message to a group of client, click here.

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