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What are the interventions?
What are the interventions?

From your client's file, you can create different types of interventions: notes, document, tasks, RV and invoicing.

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What are the interventions?

Interventions record what has been done with a client (or group) and what needs to be done with them.

They are always linked to the client account and will be visible to the people who have been chosen for visibility.

To learn more about visibility, click here.

⚠️ Some types of interventions are only available from specific packages. Click here to find out more.

In detail

"NOTES" type interventions

These codes allow you to add notes to your client's file, which will be displayed in chronological order.

⚠️ Attention, if you select an intervention code with a price on the right*, this will affect the client's balance. Click here to learn more about Paid Intervention Code.

*Requires billing functionality to be enabled.

DOCUMENT type intervention

By using this type of intervention, you can complete a document directly in Hexfit. You can also have your clients complete certain documents via the application.

Documents can be physical tests, questionnaires, forms, etc.

The completed versions of the documents will be found under the "Files" tab of the client file.

Some documents are present by default in Hexfit, but you can also create your own. Click here to find out more.

TO-DO type interventions

This tool is used to add an item to your to-do list. These tasks will appear in your dashboard and in your client summary. You can also "Mark as done" to remove them from the list.

APPOINTMENT type interventions

Appointments allow you to schedule meetings with your clients, calls or anything that you have scheduled with your clients.

* You must have the Hexfit Pro plan to use this feature. Click here to learn more.

BILLING type interventions*

The billing module allows you to track your clients' payments, charge them, send them receipts and much more.

For the first steps, click here.

* You must have the Hexfit Pro plan to use this feature. Click here to learn more.

Further information

To learn more about how to create an intervention code, click here.

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