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Create daily tasks
Create daily tasks

As a professional, you can track the lifestyle habits of your clients. For example, by creating tasks for them to perform.

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It is proven that having commitments to someone increases the chances of achieving the event.

For everything medium and long term, Hexfit has tools to create goals and sub-goals.

For the short term, we recommend going through the activities instead.

In steps:

  1. Click on “Contacts”, then choose the desired client or group.

  2. Go to the “Activities” tab.

  3. Click on “Add a task”.

  4. Complete the task as you want it to appear to the client.


The client, on the other hand, will see the activities from their activities and can mark them as completed or cancel them.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities that could be sent to the client:

  • Stretch during the day.

  • Go for a walk for a few minutes.

  • Eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

  • Take your weight and enter it into the app.

Further information

Note that activities can be repeated to save you time.

To learn more about creating long term goals:

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