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Creating a document – Step 1: configuration
Creating a document – Step 1: configuration

You will see where to go to create a document. The article also describes the different choices in terms of visibility and sharing.

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There are three steps to creating a document in Hexfit:

  1. The configuration;

  2. Report (optional).

This article will focus on the document “configuration” step.

Create a document

  1. Go to administration (under your name, top right);

  2. Choose the “Documents” tab;

  3. Click “+ Create a document” at the top right of the page.

Clone, modify or delete a document

To modify or make a copy (clone) of a document that you can modify later, click on “Actions” and choose the desired option.

⚠️This is only possible with documents created by your company.

To delete a document, simply click on the “trashcan” button.

❗ Attention! This action is permanent!

Step 1 – Configuration

1. Title

Write a title for your document.

2. Category

The category facilitates classification. The documents will therefore be grouped under the category selected in the administration and in the document type interventions.

3. Branch

If you have more than one branch, you can select for which the document will be available.

4. Intervention code

Intervention codes are used as a follow-up once a document on file is completed. These are visible from the dashboard. You can also filter by “code”.

⚠️ Attention! If you choose one that is “paid”, your client will be billed each time the document is sent.

5. Fill in by the client

If the document is to be completed by a professional only, leave this box unchecked. Otherwise, it can be sent to be completed by the client.

6. Client visibility

If you want your client to see the document when completed. Check this box.

7. Visibility of the document by other professionals

If you do not want other professionals to be able to see the document, do not check this box.

8. Visibility of the document by selected professionals

Click on “more options” for additional choices.

9. Visibility of the completed version of the document

By clicking on “more options” a new menu will open allowing you to choose the level of visibility for the document version that has been completed.

10. Who can complete the document

Choose who will have the rights to complete the document. Click “more options” to open the menu.

11. Choose for whom the “report” version of the document will be visible.

Choose who will have the rights to view the document report. Click “more options” to open the menu.

To continue to step 2: Creating the document, click here.

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