Thanks to a partnership between the Federation of Kinesiologists of Quebec and Hexfit, FKQ members have access to a kit of documents that can be completed directly in the software, free of charge.

Step 1: Enter your FKQ permit number

  1. Go to your name at the top right of the screen

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Then click on the pencil directly on the permit number line.

Step 2: Find the documents

To find these documents, you must first

  1. Select a client;

  2. Then go to the "Summary" tab;

  3. You can then create interventions in the form of a document at the top right.

  4. You will thus find the documents of the FKQ at this location (Kinesiologist Section).

Once the document is completed, it will appear as an intervention and in the "Documents" section of this client's file. You can also find all of your receipts directly in the document package.

Step 3: Where are the completed documents located?


  1. Choose your client;

  2. Click on the File tab;

  3. Receipts are located in a file named "Receipt".

By default, the visibility of "Received" files includes your company (stakeholders in the client's file only), as well as your client.

From here you can therefore view the completed files and send them to your customer.


❗ The customer has access to the files from the application, but can also print them if he connects to his account using a web browser. Here is the address

Click here to find out more.

N.B.: If you still cannot find the documents after entering your serial number in your account, contact a Hexpert using the chat bubble.

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