Creating an alert

  1. Click on the "contacts" tab.

  2. Choose the desired client.

  3. Go to the "Reports" tab.

  4. In the top section, click on the " + ".

If you already have alerts created, they can be enabled or disabled. Otherwise, you can create one from here:

  1. Choose a data for which to be alerted.

  2. Choose the alert settings.

  3. Enter the title and "Create".

⚠️ The alerts created will be available to all your cliens. However, they will be inactive by default. You will therefore have to go to the client's file to activate it.


You can create an alert that will notify you when your client's motivation drops below 5/10.

To do this

  • Choose the data "Motivation level".

  • Then in the parameters section, choose IS “ < ” symbol.

  • Then choose “Than: A fixed value ”.

  • Of: "5".

  • ⚠️ Select the blank in the right hand zone.

  • Finally, enter a title for your alert and click on "Create".

Further information

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