Creating an alert

  1. Go to a client's file or to a group;
  2. Go to the "Reports" tab;
  3. In the top section, click on the "+".

If you already have alerts created, they can be enabled or disabled. Otherwise, you can create one from here.

  1. Choose a data for which to be alerted;
  2. Choose the alert settings;
  3. Enter the title and Confirm.


You can create an alert that will notify you when your customer's motivation drops below 5/10.

To do this

  • Choose the item "Motivation level";
  • Then in the settings section, choose the “less than” symbol.
  • Then choose “What:“ A fixed value ”;
  • From: "5". Select the blank in the right hand zone;
  • Finally, enter a title for your alert and click on "Create".
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