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What is data

Hexfit uses the principle of “Data” to facilitate the analysis of information. We usually talk about “smart” data.

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Data is information that can be reused by the software to be analyzed using history and graphs, compared to standards and from which we can also create alerts. Finally, the data can be used to create automated calculations.

⚠️ Each piece of information is not automatically data. In order for it to become so, it must have been created as such. It can either be present by default or be added by the professional.

List of data

To see the list of data present in the software:

  1. Click the “contacts” tab and choose a client.

  2. Click on the “Overview” tab.

  3. Select “Add a new value”.

  4. By clicking on a category on the left, you will see all the data thanks to the different sections that will open.

⚠️ Only data with a defined value for the client will be displayed under “See all data”. This is why it is better to go through “Add a new value” to see the list of possibilities.

Create custom data

If the requested data is not found in the software, you can create it yourself. Click here to learn how.


When creating a document, you can create three types of items:

  • The fields:

    • Are not data. The fields will only be available in the document and in its PDF version once completed.

  • The data:

    • They will be available for reading and analysis.

  • Modules:

    • Set of pre-built elements. Some contain data.

* By clicking on the item, you will open its menu and be able to see what is there.


Evaluation often contains data.

To see if the test you want to perform contains one or more data, click on the “?” to the right of its name.

You will see the name of the data evaluated if this is the case (Analyzed data) as well as the category in which you can find it (Data available in: ).

Further information:

  • To learn how to analyze your data, click here.

  • To manage your automatic calculation preferences, click here.

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