Edit a document

You can create custom documents and modify the ones you have already made. To make a change, go to the administration. Then choose the "Documents" tab and click on "Actions" to the right of the one to modify. Then click on edit.

Note that documents from other sources such as the FKQ or the PAR-Q cannot be modified.

Create a document

To create a new document go to the administration. Click the "Documents" tab and then click "+ Create" at the top right of the page.


All begin in the configuration section. Here, you can choose several options, including: if your client should be able to complete the document, if he should see the document when completed, etc. You can return to this section at any time by clicking on the word "Configuration" at the bottom of your page.

Document Creation

When creating a document, you can find at the top of the page a document creator that offers you maximum flexibility. So you can manage the display and formatting, add tables and images a bit like in "Word".

By clicking in the table, you will see "Add" appear on the right. By clicking on it, you can insert three types of elements in the document: modules, data, and fields. These elements are described below.


To insert elements, it is easier to first create a table. The latter can then be modified as in Excel. To do this, go to the "Table" tab and choose the format you want.

You can merge cells by selecting the cells you want, then clicking the right button of your mouse. Choose "Cell" and then "Merge Cells"

You can also add rows (horizontal) or columns (vertical) by clicking on the right side of your mouse and clicking on Row or Column. Then choose where to insert it, either before or after the selected cells.

In these cells, you can write or add elements such as modules, data or fields. The rows of the tables will not appear in the document in final version.


This section allows you to add custom components to the document, for example areas for writing text, numbers only, etc. Once the element has been added, customize its name by clicking on the alphanumeric zone.

Tips and tricks

With the fields, you can ask more concrete questions and allow the customer to leave a more textual answer. You can also create your personal note sheet!


This section allows you to add any data from the software to your document, even those you have created! Once added, you must also choose the unit of measurement in which the data will be recorded. This data will be recorded directly in the client's file when the document has been completed. If you want the value of a data item to appear by default in the document, click on "Display the value of the default folder". You can change the size of the item to enter text.


This section contains drawing boards, as well as a series of physical test protocols that are already integrated into the software. Click on the physical test you want to add to the document. You will then see the different data that must be entered during the completion of the document. The fields in dark gray are those which will be calculated and classified automatically according to the entered results.

Automatic calculations in a document

If you want to create a document that includes automatic calculations, click here for more details.


The last step in creating the document is the report section. You can then choose whether you want to generate a report or save without a report. In the first case, you can choose to modify the document so that the report version is different, for example by adding professional notes. Note that only the professional has access to this document. When the document is completed, two versions will then be automatically generated, one version for the client and another in report format. Click Here to find out how to modify the "Report" version of your custom document.

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