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You can create “pop-ups” in the client's mobile app, thanks to the “Announcements” feature.

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Manage announcement

  1. Go to the administration of your account (under your name at the top right).

  2. Click on the “Manage announcement” tab.

  3. You can then create a new announcement or view/modify the ones that are already present.

Creation of a new announcement

  1. Enter the title.

  2. Enter your text.

    • Optional: Enter images.

  3. Put a start and end date.

  4. Choose the group in which the announcement will be made.

Send to all the clients

All you have to do is create a group of clients containing all the customers you want to reach.

Customer announcement preview

Here is what will appear in the customer's application when they log in to their account.

Further information

To learn how to create customer groups, click here.

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