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With Hexfit, it's easy to use technology to maximize efficiency and save time.

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Automate with third-party software

Create actions

With Zapier, you can ensure that when an action is created with code “X”, action “Y” occurs in another application. Zapier bridges the gap between thousands of applications.

Use this feature to automate your actions.

  • For example, when a note is created in Hexfit, an action is taken elsewhere.

To see Hexfit in Zapier, you need to join our beta by clicking here.

Visit Zapier or contact us to see if your connection is possible.

Automatic customer profile creation

  1. Creation by Zapier.

    • Connect or ClickFunnel to create a customer automatically in Hexfit.

  2. If you don't use these tools, create a public appointment link and post it on your social media accounts.

    • Prospects will be able to find a slot on their own.

    • A customer file will be created automatically in Hexfit.

Using groups

Create a group with all your clients

Create a group called “All my customers” and check the box “Put all future customers of the company in this group automatically”.

  • This will enable you to display a default program to all customers when they are created.

  • Accelerate several of the following steps in this group.

Do you know about announcements?

With groups, you can send a notification to customers who are present.

This means you can notify your customers of promotions, price increases or any other information they need to know.

Send a document automatically

Send a motivational document, a questionnaire to update your weight, or ask your customer about his success this week.

  1. See the results and act quickly.

  2. Add an alert on the data to be sure to see it.

  3. Create this event in a group, so you don't have to waste time on each individual customer file.

Add tasks

It's important to keep in touch with customers when you're doing automated follow-up.

  1. Create tasks in a group or in the customer's profile directly.

  2. Track task completion (“Drink water”, “Do yoga”, etc.).

Resource document sharing

Create a document library.

You can share documents with your groups. Give them access to information on training, nutrition, or any other information you deem useful.

To find out all about the “Files” section, click here.

Filmed classes

Hexfit allows you to create an exercise with a YouTube / Vimeo video.

  • Import entire 45-minute exercise courses and prescribe them to your customers.

  • They can take classes via the mobile app or the web.

To find out more about the possibilities offered by groups, click here.


Make sure your customers connect a watch from their first appointments.

  • A free account like Google Fit and Apple Health is a MINIMUM.

  • Hexfit takes care of the rest, alerting you to all the important stuff.

  • Your customer will stop filling out the document at some point, but his watch will continue to share the data with you!

Model programs

Create template programs that will serve as your basis for the future.

You can then modify or replace exercises before assigning them to a new client or group.

Thanks to this function, you'll be able to bring variety to your customers, while starting with a prescription that's already been written, which you can modify or keep as it is.

Exploit your dashboard

The "Today" section is packed with information about your customers. Almost everything you automate will appear here.

But don't overload it. Make sure you keep only what's relevant and archive the rest.

Looking at your dashboard should be the first task of the day!

Further information

If you are an administrator and would like to optimize your management from Hexfit, click here.

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