Save even more time by saving your favorite items for easy reuse

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Thanks to the favorites system, Hexfit allows you to create your own work bases such as programs, nutrition plans, exercises, schedules, events or appointments.

Here is how to create your favorites/templates in order to reuse them later on:

Model prgorams

  • From the program bank

  • From the "Information" section in the program creation

  • Find/reuse model programs

Learn more about the programs

Model nutrition plans

  • From the "Information" section in the creation of nutrition plan

  • Find/reuse model plans to reuse them

Learn more about nutrition plans

Favorites exercises

  • From the exercise bank or during the design of a session

  • Find/reuse your favorite exercises

Learn more about the exercise bank

Model schedules

  • From the objectives you create with your client

  • Find/reuse model schedules

Learn more about schedule

Models events/appointments

  • From your "Administration"

  • Find/reuse your model events

Learn more about events

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