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Creation of model events
Creation of model events

The model events will be used for making appointments, but also as a template to save you precious time.

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What are Model Events?

Model events are activities that are planned in advance.

  • They can be single or recurring events*.

  • They may or may not include programs and documents.

Once scheduled, you will simply drag them into the client's activities.

If they are appointments, these are the elements that can be selected by you or by the client.

*Recurring appointments are not supported by the client app.

**Requires the activation of the Appointment function.

In steps

  1. Go to the administration (located under your name at the top right of the page);

  2. Select the “Events” tab.

  • To edit an existing event:

    • Click on the event you want to edit.

  • To add a new event:

    • Click on the “+Create Model Event” button on the right side of the screen.

Automatic sending during an appointment (Optional):

You can attach documents, as well as programs, to an appointment.

⚠️ Attention!

The document or program will be sent automatically each time this appointment is chosen.

You can then select when the item will be sent automatically.

Type of activity

If you want the event to appear in the appointments, select “Appointment”. Otherwise, the event will only be available in the client's activities.

Where to find the model events?



Intervention code

When creating an event, you must select an intervention code. This code will help you find all the interventions of this type.

⚠️ Attention!

If the chosen intervention code is a paid one, the customer will be charged each time.

Click here for more information.

Further information

  • To learn more about the recurring events, click here.

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