The periodization tool can be very useful in order to have a plan for a goal whether it is short, medium or long term. Thus, you can visually predict what type and intensity of training to give at each moment of its progression.


  • In order to get to the objectives, first choose the client tab;
  • Then hover over the desired client;
  • Under his photo, you will have three icons. Click on "Objective" which is on the right;
  • You can choose an existing goal and modify it or click on the "+" at the bottom right to create a new one.

N.B.: To plan the achievement of the client's objective with the help of the periodization tool, first of all make sure that you have chosen a start date and a due date for the main objective.

  • When it's done, click "Create Schedule" in the middle of the page. You will then see a table divided into weeks including a trophy that represents the due date of the main objective.

Schedule configuration

  • When you are ready to configure everything, you can simply add training phases by selecting the weeks concerned by this phase.
  • A "pop-up" will then appear allowing you to enter its name. You can then move the phase to the desired location and you can modify the duration of it by dragging the two vertical bars of the phase to the desired location.

Adding a line or a category

  • You can add categories by clicking on "add category" at the bottom of the screen;
  • You can also add a line by tinsing on the orange "+" on the left of the screen;
  • You can also edit the category name by tapping on it;
  • To remove a row or a category, simply click on the trash can icon that appears at the far right of each row.

Add weeks to the schedule

If you want some phases to extend past the goal due date, just click on the gear just at the top left of the schedule. You can then enter the number of "additional weeks".

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