There are three steps to creating a training program in Hexfit:

  1. Information;

  2. Design;

  3. The confirmation.

The current article demonstrates where it is possible to create the program and describes the information stage.

From the customer tab

  1. Go to the customer tab;

  2. Hover over the desired customer;

  3. Click on "+ Add" under program;

  4. Click on "+ Create a new program";

  5. Enter the information. To go to the design, click on "create". To see the advanced options of the information step, click on "Edit details" instead.

N.B.: The program will be assigned automatically to the chosen customer.

From the main menu

  1. Choose the "Exercises" tab;

  2. Click on the "+";

  3. You will be able to enter the desired information such as the title of the program (compulsory), the name of the client (optional), the start date (optional), the duration (1 week by default).

You will arrive by default in its "Express" version. (More details on the advanced version below).

Error message

If you get an error message when you try to record a program, you probably didn't enter a title. This is located just above the "Choose a recipient" section.

Advanced options

It is possible to go through the advanced options by clicking on the “Modify details” button (In the old version of the interface, this was the default option). Again, you must have registered a title before you can access it. This takes you to a menu which also allows you to:

  • Put a program as a model;

  • See the visibility of the program;

  • Write notes;

  • Manage access rights.

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