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Creating a program – Information Step
Creating a program – Information Step

This step allows you to enter a title, put it as a template, modify its visibility and recipient, and manage access rights.

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There are three steps to creating a training program in Hexfit:

  1. Information;

The current article demonstrates where it is possible to create the program and describes the information stage.

From the client tab

  1. Go to the “contact” tab.

  2. Hover over the desired client.

  3. Click on “+ Add” under program.

  4. Click on “+ Create a new program”.

  5. Enter the information.

    • To go to the design, click on “create”.

    • To see the advanced options of the information step, click on “Edit details” instead.

N.B.: The program will be assigned automatically to the chosen client.

From the main menu

  1. Select the “Exercises” tab.

  2. Click on the “+”.

  3. You will be able to enter the desired information such as the title of the program (mandatory), the name of the client (mandatory**), the start date (optional), the duration (1 week by default).

You will arrive by default in its “Express” version. (More details on the advanced version below).

⚠️ ** You must put a recipient to your program or mark it as a template.

Advanced options

It is possible to go through the advanced options by clicking on the “Edit details” button.

This will also allow you to:

⚠️ If you click on “Information” when you are in the program design or confirmation, you will arrive directly in the “advanced” menu.

Program duration

To change the “number of weeks” of the program (design stage), you must change the duration (information stage).

Visibility from a specific date

By marking the box and entering a start date, you can hide the program from your client under the “All Plans” tab until the date arrives.

It will then become visible from the chosen “Start date”.

⚠️ Be careful, if you put the sessions in the client's activities, he will be able to see them, even if the date has not arrived.

Further information

  • To see how to put a session on a client's calendar, click here.

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