You can create a new exercise from two places:

  • From a program: This exercise will not be part of your exercise bank.

  • From the exercise bank: Exercises can be selected in all programs.


When creating, you will first have the choice of the language in which you want to create it.

Although the images or animations you choose will be shared in the languages, the title and description will need to be in the correct language so that your customers understand.

⚠️ In the event that only one language has been filled, customers using the app in another language will not see a title or description. Be sure to fill out the description and title in both French and English so that all your clients understand the exercise. Click here to learn more.

You will be able to insert three image and video options:

  1. An image (It will also be used to preview your exercise).

  2. An animation or video from a file.

  3. A video from YouTube.

  • For images, the format must be “JPG, JPEG or PNG”.

  • For video, the format must be .gif or .mp4 (Max. 200 m.o.)

Visibility of the exercise

You can choose who can see the exercise. By choosing “my branch” or “my company” your colleagues can also choose this exercise when creating programs. Otherwise, they won't see it.

Text bar

You can change the size of the text bar by clicking on the right corner and dragging the window.


They will facilitate subsequent searches for the exercise in the bank.

⚠️ Attention! The system perceives ” - “ as the “minus” symbol. In the case of “Squat-Chair”, it will then find all the exercises having the first word (eg: Squat), but excluding the second (eg: chair). It is therefore preferable to make a single word (eg: SquatChair).


Enter your company name or your first name as a keyword. This way, you can easily find your custom-made exercises.

The same thing can be done for all the exercises present in the exercise bank.

Further information

  • To request the creation by our partner Physigraphe, click here.

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