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Creating a Food Plan - Step 2: Design
Creating a Food Plan - Step 2: Design

You will see how to create your eating plan: Putting in meals and snacks, changing time and more.

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There are three steps to creating a food plan in Hexfit:

This article will focus on the “Design” step of the food plan.

Calendar mode

Please note: there are two ways to create eating plans in Hexfit.

To learn more about these two types of procedures, click here.

Add a day - Calendar mode is deactivated (default)

Click on "+ Create a new day" located at the top of the screen.

  • You can then fill your meals from scratch.


  • Clone templates. Click here to find out more.

Add a day - Calendar mode is activate

In the "calendar activated" mode, the days correspond to moments in the calendar (Ex: Monday, December 21, 2020).

  1. To change the dates, simply use the buttons on the toolbar.

2. You can then:

  • Refill your meals from scratch (blank day).


  • Use the "repeat" or "clone" options (day already written).

Plan design

  • To modify the elements of the day:

    • (Edit name, quantity, meal time or put notes).

  1. Click "Edit".


  2. Click on the pencil to the right of the name of the day (calendar mode is deactivated only).

Calendar mode is deactivated

Calendar mode is Activate

Put food in meals

Drag and drop the chosen food where you want it to be.

To make a more precise selection, click on the food instead of dragging it.

Serving concept

When you click on the "i" to see the information of a food, you will be able to see the micro and macro nutrients contained for the defined amounts (for the selected portions). You can also personalize this information!

When you put food on the eating plan, you will have to select what serving size the customer should eat. There are also three choices:

  1. Custom portion.

  2. Pre-selected quantity.

  3. Custom quantity.

Saving the plan

Make sure your plan is saved before exiting the page. An automated backup is done regularly, but you can also activate it manually by clicking on the exclamation mark to the left of "Not save".

To continue to step 3: Confirmation, click here.

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