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Create or edit a recipe
Create or edit a recipe

The Hexfit nutrition module allows you to create food plans containing food, but also tailor-made recipes.

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What are the recipes for?

Hexfit contains a food bank that can be used to create eating plans. Using the food list, you can also create custom recipes.

Thanks to the intelligent data, all the nutrients of the elements present in the recipe will be calculated automatically.

Recipes can be shared with your customers in the app, printed/downloaded in PDF format, or included in meal plans.

Go to the “Recipes” tab

  1. Click on the “Nutrition” tab.

  2. Choose the “Recipes” sub-tab.

Create a recipe in Hexfit (from the recipe sub-tab)

  1. Click on “Create a recipe” at the top right of the page;

  2. To add a photo, click on the bottom to choose an image from your computer;

  3. Enter a name for the recipe (title);

  4. Enter how much serving is equivalent to your recipe;

  5. Record the preparation and cooking time;

  6. Add the ingredients, quantity, and type of measure;

  7. Select the visibility;

  8. Click on “Save”.

❗ The food may not appear immediately after saving. Simply refresh your page so that it appears.


If you select an option with “+ my client”, all your clients will have access to the recipe.

If you want to share a recipe with one client only or a restricted group, it would be best to include the recipe in a meal plan and leave the customer out of the visibility.

Edit a recipe

***Default Hexfit Recipes can't be edited***

  1. Go to the Recipes tab.

  2. Click on the Edit button.

Further information

  • To learn how to create a custom food, click here.

  • To learn how to modify a food already in the bank, click here.

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